How A Roofing Company on Long Island Can Help You

How A Roofing Company on Long Island Can Help You

Being a homeowner can be very rewarding, but it can also be burdensome, especially when something goes array. A leaky roof is something that requires immediate attention. If the water has penetrated into the home, there will be a high risk of mold and mildew growth. According to previous studies, the only way to prevent mold growth after a water leak is to make sure the affected area is dried out completely within 48 hours of the initial onset. Below, you will discover more information about hiring a Long Island roofing company.

Cover The Area With A Tarp

While most roofing companies offer same-day or emergency service, it can be difficult to get them out to your home. With this said, it will be up to you to protect your home from becoming waterlogged. The best way to do this is by covering up the area of the roof that is damaged. Utilize a thick tarpaulin for this task, but you will need to anchor it down with roofing nails. This is only a temporary fix so do not think that you can leave your roof unattended forever. Once the roofing company arrives, they will remove the tarpaulin and repair the damage.

Put Buckets Under The Leak

If your roof springs a leak during a storm, your hands will probably be tied until the storm subsides. In the meantime, you should utilize large buckets to catch the rainwater. This will protect the rest of the home and your assets from becoming waterlogged. You may need to empty the buckets several times, so be prepared to take on the responsibility of the task. Hopefully, the storm will subside before too much damage is done to the interior portion of your home. Again, this is only a temporary fix until you can get the roofers out to your home.

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